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YourNet Media is a digital agency in Atlanta, web design is our passion. Our core values stem from creating premium-level website designs. Always at a competitive price tag, that’s within our client’s budget.

Focusing on delivering a high return on your website investment. Designing creations that are unique and stand out from the crowd!

While continuing to support you after launch. Then marketing and updating your website with you ongoing, to build a successful future for your organization.

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To create a successful web design, the focus has to be on the utility and function of the website, over and above the general visual design. After all, if a feature of a beautiful website design doesn’t work and can’t be used. It holds no purpose whatsoever, regardless of how good it looks. With this philosophy in mind, we always look to keep our website designs to be as simple as possible.

Here at YourNet Media, the focus in the planning and implementation stage of a website build is always on function first. Before the frilly components are added to a website’s design. For us, the key to functional websites that convert well is keeping the design as simple as possible. Cluttered websites are difficult to navigate and don’t convert. Keeping the core content only showing prominently on each page is an excellent strategy.

Placing the key site features and content of a website as prominently as possible within the page. The initial focus of our web design is in the planning and research stages. To think about how our client’s website users make decisions. I.e. what are they looking for when they land on every page of the site. Where do they expect the content to be? Where are their eyes drawn to on the page? How do they get to where they want to go as quickly as possible.

The modern-day web user does not read every single word and section of a web page. They scan with their eyes across the page for the information they are looking for. If your customer cannot find the content they are looking for within a matter of seconds. You’ve generally lost most of these website users. Off they will trot back to the search engine or web page that they came to your site from originally to try again.

You may have lost them for good. It’s hard to say if you’ll be able to win them back to your site in the future. The first impression is the most important after all. So the point being here is that it is important to keep the main content of every page as visible as possible. The key in our opinion to a successful website design is simplicity.

You should see this to be imminent in the majority of websites we have already built which are featured throughout this site. You will see from our portfolio of web design creations to date, that the type and style of websites we have created vary greatly. We can work with any client sector. From large e-commerce websites to sports clubs, to hairdressers, to property websites, charities, trade services, blogs, and personal bio websites. We have catered for a wide range of different website sectors. If you have a web project in mind that you want to obtain a quote for, please don’t hesitate to contact us to share your idea with us.

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Why Choose YourNet Media?

Over the years we have developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results
While always offering exceptional value for money to our clients.

Web Design Agency

Designing websites for clients all over the US

YourNet Media is a digital agency based in Georgia’s capital city Atlanta. We’re a remote working business which means we don’t have a bricks-and-mortar office. By utilizing this forward-thinking working method, we’re able to minimize our costs which result in massive savings for our clients.

We work regularly with clients in Georgia, throughout the US and much further afield. Offering a versatile range of digital services since 2012.

Our team specializes in designing and building WordPress websites. Both are dynamic in layout and load rapidly on all browsers and devices. Websites that really draw the user’s attention instantly. Which ultimately results in us offering exceptionally high conversion rates for our clients.

A new website build and design might not cost as much as you think! There are many ways to skin a cat as they say. With experience, comes the ability to use a variety of methods to deliver on any budget.

Our rates are among the most competitive of any agency in the US. We pride ourselves on always delivering a high return for our client’s investment. We do not skimp on the quality of the website design. Just look at our vast portfolio of previous work.

Here at YourNet Media, our team is remarkably friendly. So please don’t hesitate to outline your project requirements with us today. We look forward to hearing all about your digital ideas and helping you bring these to life.


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Fair, simple pricing

We have simplified web design pricing process. No confusions or fine print. Everything is in black and white.

Simple Website

A simple WordPress, Shopify, Our CMS*,  or Wix website  that features up to 5 pages containing basic content. Which would include; text, images, contact form, social network links etc. A fully responsive mobile friendly website design. This is ideal for new or existing small business. 

Most popular

Large Brochure Style Website

A more complex and larger brochure style website. With features such as a blog, a booking system, basic WooCommerce shopping cart system, or multiple embedded videos for example. Would generally contain 2 – 8 pages. Built using the WordPress open source CMS platform. Please note this option is limited to 5 ecommerce products and no variations on products.

Enterprise Plan

An online retail e-commerce website that features a catalogue of products, shopping cart and checkout system. Using WooCommerce for WordPress predominantly to achieve success. Or built using Magento for online retail sites with large catalogues and high volume of orders. Price increases based on amount of products & functions

Web Design Agency In The US

Why We Stand Out

Over the years we have developed a reputation for delivering exceptional results
While always offering exceptional value for money to our clients


Because we tend to insist on using CMS software like WordPress or Magento. The websites we design will always be manageable by our clients after the build is complete and handed over. You will be able to update the text and image content yourself with ease.

Unique Designs

Possessing a strong belief that no two websites should look a like. Your website should not be copied from another. Ensuring that every website we design is unique and stands out from the crowd is an important concept for us.

Cutting Edge Design

A belief that no matter how functional a website needs to be. It should still be easy on the eye and stunning in every aspect. We specialize in creating simple, clean website designs. With well thought out layouts. While giving a large return on investment for our clients.


Creating stunning WordPress websites is one of our specialties. If you are looking for a resilient CMS platform for your website. That allows you the client to update your site ongoing. Then a WordPress build is for you.

Fast Website

All of the websites we host for our clients are on top of the range of high specification US-based servers. Ensuring they run at the highest optimum speed possible. Also provides fine-tuning of code services to ensure any website loads rapidly.


Within WordPress, our recommended e-commerce setup is to use WooCommerce. We have a wide range of design and development expertise for this platform. Having delivered a number of very successful online retail projects with this platform.